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August 2018

  • We are very excited to announce we should be expecting the first Reindance babies by Amaro in late March 2019! Fingers crossed! 
  • Several purebreds as well as some amazing crosses!

Check out our 2019 Foals page to see what's expected and what is available to buy! In utero purchases available!  


Reindance Farms is located in the beautiful Willamette Valley at the base of the Cascade foothills in Lebanon and Scio Oregon, USA. I offer services from colt starting, finishing, showing, lessons, sales, and breed French Canadian/Cheval Canadien Horses and Hanoverian Warmbloods.

I have grown up with horses and have been following my dreams to work with horses on a professional level and share my knowledge and experience. I have worked with and spent time learning from multiple top notch and internationally known riders and will continue to seek out and learn from from these great role models throughout my professional career. I always want to pride myself in having an open mind when it comes to the training world by taking in outside views, techniques, opinions, and thoughts into consideration as there are always new things to learn or try.

Even though I enjoy any and all disciplines of riding, my first passion started out with 3-day Eventing. I have been competitively riding in the sport since 2008 have competed up to the preliminary level. In 2014 I discovered my new favorite discipline, Working Equitation; A sport with a base of classical riding used in field work that is all about  versatility and harmony/partnership with horse and rider. I have found it to be an incredible foundation for any discipline one wishes to take their horse and have integrated the training of WE with all the horses I now bring into training. You can find more information in this amazing and FUN sport at http://www.weunited.us/.

I have also enjoyed performing on The Rock'n"Roll Cowgirls western drill team as well as riding with the ACTHA group, Extreme Cowboy Races, Working Equitation, hunter/jumper shows, dressage, ranch work/sorting, flat pattern work, and exhibition/promotional riding.

I strive to be educated and understand a variety of disciplines as I believe everything comes down to simple horsemanship and equitation whether you ride english, western, or bareback. Every person is unique, as is every horse, so "understanding" is exceedingly important, not only for the rider, but for our equine partners too.

I specialize in initiating and solidifying that understanding with the horses and riders I work with. Whether it is starting a colt, restarting a horse, introducing something new, "starting" a person, gaining/regaining confidence, if you give the patience and understanding for mistakes as well as success you will be able to reach your goals whatever they may be.






Breeders of  French Canadian Horses & Warmbloods.