Avant Garde Navajo Exquizeet


Mosarc Lucifer Xtra/Litjens Nava Navajo

Owned by Karen Bentley & Kristina Eckert

Black with dime sized dot on upper lip

Expected height: 16+hh

Imported in utero from Quebec, Canada March 2017.

 Baby Quizzie, as nicknamed by “her little human,” Teigan, is exactly what her name is…she IS EXQUISITE. In every way. As temperament is our number one must have for our horses, it’s no surprise that she is very kind, but Quizzie takes it to a whole new level. I have never worked with such a calm, willing, kind, and people adoring foal! She is tolerant of everything and anything including little Teigan who also adores her. She lets him hug her, crawl all over her when shes napping, lead her etc. This filly was born broke and programmed to happily do whatever is asked of her….halter training, leading, work with her feet, in hand obstacle work, walking around on a lunge rope etc.

In addition to her amazing temperament she has bloodlines that I have liked and bee hoping to have in our program since I first looked into the breed. Her dams sire is known for being a classic example of the breed.  She also has great breeding on her sire’s side including some of the best horses for throwing big flashy movement. Lastly, we are hoping for Quizzie to inherit her sire’s height at slightly over 16hh.

With all that being said, we are very excited to see this filly grow and develop and see what she can bring to the Reindance Canadian Horse Preservation Breeding Program.

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