Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon

Canadian Farm Jerrycho Manon

(Du Hameau Dandy Jerrycho 8784/Ranch-L Sultan Gouda 7395)

May 21, 2002


Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Manon is Reindance's first purebred canadian mare owned by Karen Bentley. Karen imported Manon from Quebec in 2014 after having her bred to stallion, Litjens Nava Randy. Manon foaled in March 2015 to give Reindance Farms their first purebred foal, Reindance Randy Contessa. Contessa has since been sold to Dawn Rhoads of Coos Bay, Oregon to be her Working Equitation, Dressage and Eventing star. The Reindance team is so excited to see what these two will do in the future.

After weaning Contessa Manon went into training to become Karen's Driving mare and had a lovely debut at a local schooling show and went on to have some fun with a combined driving competition at Inavale CDE in 2018.

Also during this time she went under saddle training with Kristina and was used as Kristina's Working Equiation mount in 2017 and they knocked it out of the park with consistantly placing in the top of their division. 

They not only qualified for the 2017 National Championships, but ended up taking home 1st place and the National Champion title in the Novice A division.

For the WE United 2017 Year end awards the pair recieved:

Manon and Kristina, 2nd place National Horse/Rider pair, Novice A

Manon, 2nd place National Horse, Novice A

Kristina, 3rd place American Rider, Novice A

In 2018 Kristina and Manon did some competing earlier in the year and did well enough to be awarded 2018 Regional 4th place, Novice B

 After a couple years of showing we have bred Manon to our stallion Amaro for an April 2019 foal!

Manons lines come from the old driving stock of the breed, which you can see with her build being a little heavier. The lines are:



She is also one of the few remaining horses who date back to the stallion, Pitro, whose line is now considered dead due to no remaining stallions. Only some mares remain.

Manon's outstanding characteristics include very big flashy dressage movement, calm willing temperament, great work ethic, solid, robust build, and rare coloring. (sorrel is seen in only 10% of the breed)

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