Captain-Jack is a very special boy for many reasons, starting with him being my dream horse and one of those once in a lifetime opportunities.
He is one of only about 10 palomino Canadian Horse and the FIRST to come to the States!!
He has personality galore and is as friendly as a Labrador dog. In addition to his wonderful temperament he is super smart, willing, quiet, and brave.

His bloodlines go back to Viger and Fox.
Viger horses are known to be “more refined and elegant, Truly “Canadien” in appearance, and have sensible temperaments.”

Fox Horses are known for their “Speed, Agility, and endurance, good movers, are often black with some exceptions, the taller of the lines, and the more “hot” or spirited of the lines and in turn found in the higher levels of competition.”
From what we have seen so far he truly has the best of both worlds!

We very much look forward to what this lovely horse is going to accomplish in the future.

Luckylou Nadja Captain-Jack

[CAN] 14104

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