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Stunning and unique: Yahtzee is an ideal representative of his breed Le Cheval Canadien, or The Canadian Horse.

The Canadian Horse is a Baroque style horse originating from horses selected by King Louis XIV that were inported from France in 1665. With standards of being exceptionally hardy with fabulous bone density and conformation (giving the breed the nickname "little iron horse"), the Canadian is a versatile horse suited to multiple disciplines, from western performance or ranch work to competitive dressage, trail, jumping, eventing, and driving. 

Yahtzee's intelligence, willingness to learn and calm temperament are as much a tribute to his breed as to his breeding. His lines include Lou on his Dams side and Henryville top and bottom, as well as the well-known stallion Ranch Samaguy Dream-Boy Kurt (CAN 9730) on both sides. He is the only standing stallion with these bloodlines represented: a combination that has resulted in refined conformation and great athleticism.

As well as being a great resource to his own breed, Yahtzee has produced some excellent crosses. Whether looking for a sporthorse, warmblood, or looking to add bone, mind, and looks for a solid ranch horse, show horse, or a fantastic and safe trail or recreational mount, Yahtzee would compliment any cross with these goals in mind.

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